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I will help you become better at taking action in your business.

Each week I send an article to The Action Army. In that article I share an experience or lesson learned (no fluff or get-rich-quick bullshit). My articles have been featured on Inc Magazine, Business Insider,, and lots of other cool places. Yay for social proof!

I don’t take myself too seriously: I use the word “awesome” too much. I can down an entire box of Cheez-its in one sitting (with no shame, obviously). And I love using parentheses. Did you figure that out already? Awesome.

If you want help getting more done in your business from someone who loves doing things differently, then The Action Army is for you. I can’t promise you results, but I can promise I’ll help you attempt to overcome your struggles in a way that feels authentic and intentional.

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I'm Jason Zook.

I believe that perfection is a virus, and that completion is the key to success. I'm the founder of IWearYourShirt, BuyMyFuture, and many other projects. Formerly Jason Sadler, Jason HeadsetsDotCom and Jason SurfrApp.

Read my most recent article: My Definition of Innovation: Make Awesome Where Awesome Is Not