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What My Future Can Do For You

Jason Zook and BuyMyFuture

While I believe there are no shortcuts when it comes to success in business, I do believe that there are good investments that can accelerate your trajectory toward success.

I know that BuyMyFuture is one of those investments, and I want to share with you exactly why. No fluff, no big pie-in-the-sky dreams; just a real, tangible roadmap for how you can turn your investment into a turbo boost for your business AND how you can use the unbelievable wealth of knowledge and actionable advice inside the BuyMyFuture projects to recoup your investment within the next year — essentially making your BuyMyFuture purchase free.

For the aspiring online course creator

Step 1: Take EasyCourse, a 30-lesson step-by-step guide that is proven to help you finally get that course you’ve been wanting to create out into the world.

Step 2: Use the the How Dare You Workshop to find your voice, define who your course is for, and start building a pre-launch email list of people you can sell your course to.

Step 3: Build your course in Teachery as well as your sales page.

Outcome: If you are able to sell 30 courses at $50 each, you’ve just made your entire BuyMyFuture investment back. You could do this in 30 days, easily!

For the freelancer

Step 1: Watch the How Dare You Workshop and get clarity on your voice, the audience you want to reach, and a content strategy going forward.

Step 2: Use ofCourseBooks to build a client onboarding form to help you gather information. Quickly and easily duplicate your onboarding forms for new clients.

Step 3: Go through the Product to Profit Masterclass to learn how to productize a service offering you have that can be sold along with your freelance offerings (like an online course in Teachery).

Optional step: Use Bumpsale to sell your freelancing services in an interesting way with incremental (or fixed) pricing. The setup takes only minutes!

Outcome: Get clarity on how to communicate your freelance offerings effectively, have a more automated onboarding process for new clients, and make additional income with a side-product. Also, the BuyMyFuture community is always looking for great service providers (Chantel, my editor, has made over 5x her investment just in the BuyMyFuture community alone!)

For the small business owner

Step 1: Read the One Week To Profit guide and find hidden revenue in your existing business.

Step 2: Use Sprucemetrics (upcoming analytics platform) to remove the headache of trying to track your website traffic, email subscribers, and revenue. You’ll also learn what’s working and how you can increase your revenue based on the audience you already have.

Step 3: Collaborate with other small business owners in the BuyMyFuture Community to get feedback on your offerings or beta test a new product/service.

Optional: Use Your Pack (upcoming community directory software) to build a community for your existing buyers or best customers to interact and build relationships together.

Outcome: Remove stress from your day-to-day operations and have a better understanding of where you can make additional revenue with your existing efforts.

For the artist

Step 1: Take the How To Get Sponsorships For Anything course and learn how you can get sponsors for an in-person workshop that you host, or for an online course you create. BuyMyFuture buyer Dani Ives did this exact thing and made her BuyMyFuture investment back in one workshop!

Step 2: Turn your craft into an online course using Teachery (and EasyCourse). Re-read the steps outlined above “For the online course creator.”

Step 3: Have you been thinking about commissioned art pieces? Use ofCourseBooks to create a commission intake form that potential buyers can fill out.

Optional step: Spend time in the How Dare You Workshop to build your personal brand and hone in on what makes your art unique and who, specifically, you’re creating your art for.

Outcome: Make money from sponsored workshops (recoup your BuyMyFuture investment). Make money from your craft as an online course (more recouping). Make even more money with commissioned art (did someone say, recouping?).

For the blogger

Step 1: Start making good money with sponsorships on your blog by going through How To Get Sponsorships For Anything (with bonus lessons specifically about blog sponsorships).

Step 2: Go through Podcast Like A Boss and finally put that podcast together that will accompany all the awesome stuff you currently share on your blog.

Step 3: Go through the Product to Profit Masterclass to learn how to productize a popular piece of content you’ve written (like an online course in Teachery).

Optional step: Spend time in the How Dare You Workshop to build your personal brand and hone in on what makes your art unique and who, specifically, you’re creating your art for.

Outcome: Whether you land a few sponsors or are able to make money selling products to your blog’s audience, you should be able to recoup your BuyMyFuture investment in just a few short months (plus, get clarity on your mission and how to grow your audience).

BuyMyFuture is extremely important to me. It’s my future — literally.

As a reminder, here’s what you get when you buy my future:

  • Immediate access to my entire library of past and current projects ($6000 total value)
  • How To Get Sponsorships For Anything course ($500 value)
  • How To Get Sponsorships For Podcast course ($199 value)
  • Finish Your Damn Book course ($197 value)
  • Product To Profit masterclass ($500 value)
  • Podcast Like A Boss course ($279 value)
  • How Dare You course ($147 value)
  • EasyCourse software ($500 value)
  • One Week To Profit course ($99 value)
  • Lifetime membership to Teachery ($900 value)
  • Lifetime membership to ofCourseBooks ($400 value)
  • Lifetime membership to Bumpsale
  • Digital version of Creativity For Sale

Guaranteed access to the following five projects in the next year:

  1. Sprucemetrics: Analytics platform for people who hate analytics
  2. Your Pack: Community directory software
  3. Email marketing app
  4. My second book
  5. A community-built course on sales and launching (with rev share!)

PLUS, did I mention?

  • Access to the private BuyMyFuture Community
  • Free access to anything and everything I create for the REST OF MY LIFE at no additional charge

When you buy my future, you’re investing in me, but more importantly you’re investing in yourself. I plan on creating a ton of stuff for the years to come — products and services that will help you become more creative, make money by teaching the skills you already have, and generate revenue in ways that feel congruent to you.

This is the end of the yellow brick road. If you want to read more articles mosey on over yonder.