What It’s Like to Sell a High-Value Product, A Two-Week Video Journal

If you’ve ever wanted to see behind the scenes on what goes into selling a high-value product, you are in the right place.

I’d like to start this two-week video journal off with a huge disclaimer: These videos are meant to be a confessional of sorts. Very little editing or bells and whistles added. Why? Because it’s damn hard work to sell a high-value product and that focus needs to be spent on all the things you’ll hear about in these daily videos.

The reason this journal exists is that it’s the exact type of thing I love to read/watch from other entrepreneurs. I hope you feel the same way!

For context, the high-value project I (we) will be talking about is BuyOurFuture (BOF) and it costs $2,000. It’s an amazing community of 350+ generous and creative entrepreneurs AND it’s a crazy-awesome deal on 31+ products and services.

When I say “I” and “We” that would be me (Jason Zook) and my awesome wife Caroline Zook. Hey look, we’re real people:

Jason Zook and Caroline Zook

The daily video journal entries will be displayed with the newest at the bottom. Use these links to jump to a specific day:

  Day 1 – The introduction of this two-week video journal about selling a high-value product.

Here are the things I talked about in this video and tried to remember to link to (hehe):

And if you have any questions you’d like us to answer about what it takes to sell/launch a high-value product, please reply to this tweet (or email me if you don’t use Twitter).

  Day 2 – Launch Day, Launch Day, Launch Day!

Here are the things mentioned in the video:

  Day 3 – We launched, now what the heck do we do??

Here are the things mentioned in the video:

  Day 4 – Why we hosted a live workshop during the launch and our Facebook Ads “strategy”

Here are the things mentioned in the video:

  Day 5 – We attended a live Q&A and dealt with the self-doubt monster

Click here to ask questions related to launching and selling and we’ll answer them in a video.

  Day 6 – Why we paused BuyOurFuture for a week and what happens next with our launch

Click here to ask questions related to launching and selling and we’ll answer them in a video.

  Day 7 – We spent 8 hours doing something extremely high touch (let’s hope it pays off!)

You’ll notice we’re a bit brain-fried in this video! That’ll happen during a launch. We talk about a high touch experiment we wanted to try with video replies. We also answer a question about imposter syndrome or how you know if what you’re selling has value?

  Day 8 – Our high touch experiment is paying off and so are our Facebook Ads (and only 3 days left)!

We’re also exhhhhhaaaaauuuusted after two long days of recording personalized video replies. We knew it would be a ton of extra work, and luckily that work has paid off in more ways than one!

  Day 9 – Why we intentionally skipped yesterday’s video journal and the LAST DAY of our launch…

We’re at the end of our 2-week launch of BuyOurFuture (which turned into a 3-week launch with a pause in the middle). We chat about what happens on the last day as well as the live Q&A we hosted yesterday.

  The final wrap up!

How many sales did BuyOurFuture do this launch? What percentage of people picked our $200 payment plan? What are we doing next? What big lessons did we learn? Answers to all those questions and more in the final video journal entry of this series.

Thanks for checking out our video journal and supporting our projects!