Projects Ahoy!

Using duct tape, zip ties, and good ole fashioned
hard work, I’ve built a bunch of stuff.

Sometimes I walk around playing invisible harps at
conferences, but that’s not what I consider a project.
Or wait, is that what I consider a project?

Keep reading to find out!
You found hidden gem #7: This was an easy one, wasn't it? You're getting good at this gem-finding mission.

Let’s talk about projects that are currently active (and awesome).

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Fancy software projects!

Teachery (starting at $49/month)

Online courses are a great way to share your knowledge and generate revenue. Teachery is a simple and easy-to-use online course framework without all the bloated features and fees.

Spruce Metrics ($19/month)

Spruce shows you the health of your online business. Website analytics, email subscribers, and revenue together in one place. Lions, tigers, and bears oh my!

Bumpsale (free, with a small transaction fee)

Bumpsale is a fun way to sell something using an incremental pricing structure. Start selling something for $1, then increase the price by $1 after each purchase automatically.

YourPack ($18/month)

If you have a community of any kind, YourPack will help your community members find and interact with each other.

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Mind-blowing online courses!

Imperfect Writer (Only Available in Wandering Aimfully)

This self-paced course will help you generate more revenue with your writing. You'll become a better writer when you stop trying to be a perfect one.

Product to Profit (Only Available in Wandering Aimfully)

Paul Jarvis, Nathan Barry, and I give you the nuts and bolts of what it takes to create a product and make money from it. We leave no stone unturned (and help you sell your stones!)

Finish Your Damn Book (Only Available in Wandering Aimfully)

Have you been sitting on a non-fiction book idea? You’ve started it, but it feels daunting to think about finishing it. Let us help you finish and sell your book, with a bulletproof plan.

Podcast Like A Boss ($219)

Paul Jarvis and I team up again, but this time we bring in the rockstar podcasting ladies Kathleen Shannon and Emily Thompson. This course will help you start and run a profitable podcast.

How To Get Sponsorships (Only Available in Wandering Aimfully)

I’ve made over $1,500,000 from sponsorships over the years. It’s not rocket science, it’s just about executing a few simple things and getting out of your own way.

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You found hidden gem #9: Isn't this fish icon super weird? I thought so too. Can you find two more gems??

Here’s more stuff that’s kinda random.

Wandering Aimfully ($100/month)

My NEWEST project and what JasonDoesStuff will turn into very soon. This project will feature a monthly membership that combines BuyOurFuture and a handful of new goodies.

BuyOurFuture (Now Wandering Aimfully)

This is the mack-daddy. The king of the JasonDoesStuff castle. BuyOurFuture is sold annually, includes everything I've ever made, plus all my wife Caroline's projects too!

Creativity For Sale ($10ish)

My first book! This gem was written and self-published in 2014. It takes you on a journey through my first big entrepreneurial adventures: IWearYourShirt and BuyMyLastName.

Pay Me $12 for absolutely nothing

Why do this? Why not! You can pay me $12 for absolutely nothing. You don’t get a single thing. Just the enjoyment of putting $12 in my bank account. Neat, huh?

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Oh, I also do that whole podcasting thing that’s pretty popular right now.

Invisible Office Hours

This is a podcast I co-host with my Internet BFF Paul Jarvis. We do this show in seasons (typically two seasons per year). Invisible Office Hours has an ever-changing format and does NOT have interview guests. It’s just us, talking about the intersection of creativity, commerce, and living life on our terms. Listen to the podcast.

The Action Army Podcast

Created in 2015, the Action Army Podcast is a weekly show where I ramble on about topics that light a fire under my ass. Sometimes I have sponsors. Sometimes I get a little rant-y. Sometimes I just shared my favorite shows on Netflix. It’s a real smorgasbord and I think you’ll enjoy it. Listen to the podcast.

These projects are no longer active, but I wanted to share them with you because you deserve it.


This project put me on the proverbial map. Every day I wore a different company’s t-shirt and talked about them on social media. It was one heck of a rollercoaster ride! Read more here.


What’s crazier than asking people to pay you to wear a t-shirt? How about selling your last name! For two years I sold the rights to my last name and made nearly $100,000 doing it. Read more here.

Kosher Marshmallows

Okay, truthfully this never existed as a project, but I did own the .com domain for a few years!

Only Human

Wayyyy back in the early 2000s I co-created a social network that focused on people sharing their mistakes and their lessons learned. We had no idea what we were doing, but learned a ton.


Speaking of mistakes and lessons learned, I tried to start my own non-profit in 2010. I’ll save you all the details, but just know I won’t be starting my own non-profit that donates clothing any time soon.


When I decided I was going to become an author (after only previously writing tweets) I knew I had to put a twist on self-publishing a book. I raised over $75,000 by getting every page of my book sponsored. Read more here.


For my second self-published book, I let anyone watch me write the first draft live. In just 11 days I wrote 80,000 words, had 2 awesome sponsors and 54 patrons support me.


Emoji origin stories! This was fun, but kind of crashed and burned. Paul Jarvis and I built it in 24 hours but it didn’t quite catch on. Read more here.

Dawn App

I was a big fan of the Sunrise Calendar App. When they were acquired and shut it down, I was sad. I tried to gather interest to build a replacement, but there simply wasn’t enough demand to keep going.

Saddles for Corgis

Saddles + Corgis = Hilarity. But honestly, I never actually turned this into a business, it’s just a running joke on my /now page.