Watch Us Build Our Next Business, Wandering Aimfully, In Real-Time

For the next 5 weeks you can watch my wife and I build our next business (Wandering Aimfully) in real-time!

This is no small feat for us. I’ve been hinting at this project here and there, including a mention in my State of the Union at the beginning of this year. This is the business baby my wife and I are having together (sorry folks, human babies are a bit further down the line).

Don’t need to read anymore? Want to check this new biz out?

JasonDoesStuff (and The Action Army), Made Vibrant (my wife’s biz), and BuyOurFuture are turning into: Wandering Aimfully

The journey to combine our three business ventures into one has officially started. And of course, we’re being complete weirdos and sharing EVERY DETAIL from now until May 1. If you want to get daily emails and see all the nitty-gritty details we’ll be undertaking, you can click here to get daily updates.

You may be wondering why I’m making a big deal about this transition. Isn’t it easy to spin up an online business?

  • You buy a domain
  • You create a biz plan (of sorts)
  • You build a brand and website
  • You create some (meaningful) content to attract customers
  • You promote your biz in some way
  • People pay you
  • Boom – you’re in business!

Now we all know there’s a bit more that goes into creating an online business, but it gets even more complicated when you’re taking multiple existing biz properties and joining them together.

That’s why we’re going to share all the details on our Under Construction Wandering Aimfully website over the course of the next 5 weeks.

Here’s a bit more of exactly what we’re going to be doing and sharing until May 1:


We have a business name, Wandering Aimfully, but what the heck does it mean? What does it do? Who does it serve? What does it look like? All those questions and much more will be answered.


We aren’t writing a business plan in the conventional sense, but we are planning out the business. What are we selling? How much will we charge? What happens to existing customers?


We’ll have a standard consumer-facing website, like anyone else (with an about page, blog articles, etc), but we’re also building a kickass customer experience like no-other. This week could get intense!


Articles? Social media? YouTube videos? A podcast? Where does it all fit in? What happens to all our existing content?


If we make it this far 😂😂😂 we’ll breakdown our marketing (or lack there of?) plan and then launch Wandering Aimfully’s new website and biz model on May 1. Who knows what’ll happen.

This will be no small undertaking. In fact, we’ve already been working on it, planning, and ideating for months. But we want to pull back all the curtains and share as much as our sanity will allow.

The under construction site for Wandering Aimfully won’t have much to it the first few days, but very quickly it’s going to fill up with daily posts, weekly videos (sometimes with completely unedited planning meetings we’ve had), and hopefully a bunch of fun peppered in!

JasonDoesStuff and The Action Army will cease to exist after May 1… and that’s scary.

The good thing is, I won’t be changing at all. Hah. My action-taking focused content will continue with Wandering Aimfully, but this site and my weekly email newsletter will go away completely (ahhhhh!). We’re gonna work that out and talk more about it in Week #4!

If you’re an Action Army email subscriber, here’s what you can expect to get in your inbox the next few weeks:

  • What’s gone well for us?
  • What’s gone wrong?
  • How are we staying sane during this process?
  • Do we have any semblance of a life? (spoiler alert: you bet we will!)
  • What are our goals and aspirations?
  • How can you be part of the journey?

The fun thing, and what I’m really excited about, is that Wandering Aimfully means so much more than “JasonDoesStuff” ever did.

There’s so much more value I hope to bring to your life and business as we move forward on this adventure.

I can guarantee we’ll mess a few things up along the way, but I’m hopeful you’ll enjoy seeing how we deal with those inevitable bumps in the road.

Here’s to an exciting few next weeks!


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