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The Best Articles for Starting a Business

The Gluten-Free Business Plan

I’ve removed the frustration of trying to run a perfect business. It’s time to do the same with my health and nutrition so I can have more time on the planet to make an impact on things that matter. Read more

Use My Exact Blueprint For Audience Growth

Don’t focus on random audience growth, focus on building a defined loyal audience. This is my exact blueprint and how I make money through my email list. Read more

Understand That Feedback Is Dangerous

Early stages of building and creating can be very vulnerable. You don’t have thick enough mental armor to block the attacks of feedback. Read more

Start A Business Right Now With Less Than $20

If I were to start a new business right now and had no experience, no connections, no specific idea, and very little money, here’s exactly what I’d do. Read more

The Best Articles for Existing Business Owners

Figure Out If Sprinkles Are Hurting Your Business

What, you thought this was going to be another business-focused article? Well, it is, and we’ll get to that, but first: ice cream and sprinkles. Read more

Remove Stress In Your Business

Build the business you want for your life, not the business other people want for their lives. Focus on running a stress free business. Read more

What You are Selling is Not for Everyone

What I’ve learned over the years, through selling a lot of different things, is that the products you are selling aren't and shouldn't be for everyone. Read more

The Best Articles for Taking More Action

Outsource Your Weaknesses

By confronting and outsourcing your weaknesses, you free up time for things you’re better at, happier doing, and able to provide more value with. Read more

Learn The 3×333 Method, or How To Get 1,000 Tasks Done

1,000 tasks?! Is that possible? That’ll take a lifetime, right? Use the 3x333 method and learn how to get more done. Read more

Put Down The Toothpick And Pick Up The Hammer

The story of The Statue of David and what you can learn from it for your business. Worrying about the imperfections won't get you anywhere. Read more

How To Manage Your Time Better and Make More Money

All of us have profits hidden in our daily/weekly/monthly schedule. We can all be better workers. Take some time today to work on your time management. Read more

You Don’t Get What You Don’t Ask For

The simple magic to getting anything you want in life is just to ask. Read more

Master The Secret Art of the Follow Up Email

Writing and sending follow up emails is a lost art. Whether it's a simple reminder or a creative campaign, you need to stand out from everyone else. Read more

The Best Articles for Young Entrepreneurs

We Can Do Better

Work and money don’t have to be a means to an end. They can be part of the bigger, more enjoyable picture in life. We can do better with how we work. Read more

Find Your Passion, Build A Profitable Business, And Have Insanely Happy Customers For Only $64.08

How to find your passion, build a profitable business, and have insanely happy customers for only $64.08. This is your under-$70 mba. Read more

What It Actually Takes To Be A Successful Entrepreneur

These are the building blocks of what it takes to be an entrepreneur and run a successful business. It's not what you read in website headlines. Read more

Surround Yourself With Good People By Building A Trust Circle

Your trust circle is brainpower. It’s feedback. It’s a group that has a diverse set of experience from which you can learn. Read more

The Skill They Don’t Teach You In Any Business Class: Flexibility

There's no guidebook for learning how to be more flexible in business, there's only experience. No matter what life throws at you, keep pushing forward. Read more

The Best Articles for Feeling Stuck

Frame Your Year

If you want to frame your year you don't have to make gigantic sacrifices and changes. Your frame can be a simple, helpful nudge. Read more

Become Better At Finishing Projects

Finishing the last 10% of a project is the hardest part. But to finish a project all you need to do is find your pace and daily tasks. Read more

Improve Your Marketing With These 10 Free Ideas

Marketing ideas aren't just about making sales. It’s about building trust and making people respect you. Read more

Understand That Quitting Isn’t Failing

Removing yourself from the quitting=failure mindset shows you just how much more can be accomplished when you free up time in your life. Read more

Start Your Next Business While Working a Full-Time Job

If you want to start your next business while working a 9-5 job you should know it won't be easy, but it's absolutely doable with the right strategy. Read more

The Best Articles for Increasing Creativity

Find The Secrets To Consistent Creation

Creativity is not just for artists. We are all creative, but folks who are known for it have spent time cultivating it, failing at it, and working at it. Read more

Create More Opportunities in Life by Consuming Less and Creating More

By avoiding the process of creating and only consuming, you’re denying the world your gifts. This is how to create more, and consume less. Read more

The Best Books for Entrepreneurs and Creative Thinkers

This is a list of the best books for entrepreneurs, designers, writers, marketers, small business owners, creative professionals and anyone else! Read more

Use No Bad Ideas Brainstorming to Come Up With Ideas

When it comes to thinking creatively for business, most people believe you have to be wired a certain way or use a certain side of your brain. I disagree. Read more

The Best Articles for Life Changes

Find Your Flavor of Minimalism

Minimalism isn't just about having less things. It's about making better choices about the things you do have and removing clutter (mental and physical). Read more

Challenge Yourself To Do Something For 30 Days

Structure and imperfect action are incredibly important for success. That’s why I’d like you to embark on a 30-day challenge. Read more

Find Your Core Values

Throughout life's twists and turns, I’ve discovered what my core values are, which continues to help guide me down the paths that appear before me. Read more

Stop Hustling

When you take a break from constantly working and constantly thinking, you allow space for creation and new ideas. Eventually, you have to stop hustling. Read more

Find Courage, Happiness, and Gratitude

The story of a 10-minute talk on stage and what I learned about courage, happiness, and gratitude while being completely unprepared for it. Read more

How To Get Out of Debt, My $100,000 Debt Plan

In 2013 I had $9 in my bank account and $100,000 in debt. My net worth was $-99,991. Here's how I get out of debt and how you can too. Read more

Why You Should Create A Weird Morning Ritual

Create a morning ritual so that you can take control of how you start your day—don’t let the start of your day control you. Read more

Do A Social Media Detox

Taking a social media detox for a month really opened my eyes to the feelings and motivations I have using Twitter, Facebook, etc. Read more

All Articles (Most Recent First)

The Obstacle Is The Way

The book that's had the most profound impact on my life is Ryan Holiday's The Obstacle Is The Way. It's a must read for entrepreneurs. Read more

Unique Gifts For Entrepreneurs

Desk items, everyday carry goodies, coffee accessories, apparel, travel necessities, and more unique gifts for entrepreneurs. Read more

MacBook Pro with Touch Bar, A Comprehensive Review

A comprehensive review of the new MacBook Pro with Touch Bar, including who should buy this new laptop and who shouldn't. Read more

I Don’t Have It All Together

I don't have it all together. I don't know what I'm doing. I have no idea what the next few months/years hold for me. But I'm okay with this. Read more

Overcome The Fear of Selling

To overcome your fear of selling learn from your experience. Don’t get too distracted by all the options and all the money-making potential. Read more

I’m Quitting Facebook

You are the next great addiction, Facebook. And I want to quit you. This is me, closing the door on our relationship. Read more

There’s Nothing Special About Today

Living an intentional life doesn't happen because that decision coincides with the start of a new year or month. It happens because you decide it happens. Read more

Are You On The Field or In The Stands?

People think they’re on the field (creating a business), but they’re actually in the stands (criticizing and sharing useless opinions). Read more

How To Overcome The Fear of Writing

Overcoming the fear of writing happens when you don't hold on tightly to your words. Creating a writing practice and being useful goes a long way too. Read more

What My Future Can Do For You

Read more

My Definition of Innovation: Make Awesome Where Awesome Is Not

Being innovative and putting your ideas out into the world isn't as scary as you think. All it requires is for you to make awesome where awesome is not. Read more

For The Second Time, You Can Buy My Future

BuyMyFuture is the opportunity to purchase Jason Zook's life work, including all previous and future products, plus access to a private community. Read more

Behind The Scenes of How I Made $178,000 Selling My Future

An in-depth look at launching a project and all the marketing tactics and strategies that made BuyMyFuture $178,000 in revenue in 2015. Read more

Checked Your Compass Lately?

Sometimes, it’s better to know what you don’t want to do, so you can make room for things you do want to do. Read more

Just Show Up

Business owners are failing because they don't show up. They don't communicate effectively. They don't do the thing they set out to do. Read more

You Shouldn’t Do It

I love Nike’s slogan, Just do it. There are lots of difficult things in life that you should do. But today, I want to tell you why you shouldn't do it. Read more

Do It Differently

Being different is uncomfortable. It’s ingrained in us that we should fit in, but the people who stand out are the same people that experience success. Read more

I Want Enough

There’s a culture of more going on right now. More money. More social media followers. More customers. I don’t actually want more anymore. I want enough. Read more

Why Switching From Mailchimp To ConvertKit Has Been The Best Thing I’ve Done For My Business

As long as I can remember, I've used Mailchimp for my email marketing needs. But after switching to ConvertKit, I've become a huge fan and loved the growth. Read more

How We Paid Off $124,000 in Debt in 3 Years and Became Completely Debt-Free

In 2013, my girlfriend, Caroline, and I were drowning in debt. How much debt? $124,000 spread across six credit cards, a car loan, and student loans. Read more

Your idea isn’t good enough

When your idea is good enough, it will demand your time. When your idea is good enough, the time you invest will be rewarded. Read more

Behind the Scenes of Building a Product in 1 Day: Emojibombs

A behind the scenes look at what went into building a product in 1 day. The product is called Emojibombs and was built by Jason Zook and Paul Jarvis. Read more

There Are No Rules In Business

Adding a little fun here and there, without rules, will delight your customers. Even if whatever fun thing you create isn’t something they can buy or have. Read more

Should You Build An Online Course?

Online courses are, simply put, just another way to share information. They can get a bad rap because people are sleaze-balls and make crappy things. Read more

Why I Gave Up My Verified Status On Twitter

One morning in August 2012, I woke to a very weird email. The email was from Twitter, and it was alerting me that my account had been “verified." Read more

An Inside Look At The Tools I Use To Run My Business

My business wouldn't survive without things like Mac Mail, Dropbox, Slack, and many other tools. But I have some fairly weird habits with these tools. Read more

The Keys To A Successful Partnership

Partnerships are a great way to tackle new projects and stretch yourself to try new things. But there are a few important things to consider. Read more

Start Ugly

Understand how beneficial being able to start ugly is, and shift your mindset from worrying about it to leveraging it in the creation of something better. Read more

The Best Launch Email You’ll Ever Write, Plus a Peek at How I Write for Every Launch

How to write an effective launch email to sell a product or service. With a little sarcasm and fun thrown in for good measure! Read more

Your Art

The more you create, the more you're able to create your art without over analyzing and putting pressure on yourself. Read more

The Only Difference Between Success and Failure

If you believe in your work, consistency will get you through 9,999 failed experiments, 25 years of obscurity, and every October between now and then. Read more

Learn How To Be a Great Public Speaker, and Why I’m Taking a Break From It

Becoming a great public speaker, who gets paid money and requested to speak, doesn't take magic. It takes a plan, like anything else in business. Read more

See The Results of a 3-Week Email List Growth Experiment

This was a very small email list growth experiment that was meant to test the fewest possible variables to gain the most subscribers in an intentional way. Read more

Define Your Road Runner Rules

Chuck Jones, the cartoonist behind the Road Runner and Wile E. Coyote, once created a set of nine rules that he used as a filter for his creative process. Read more

State of the Union 2015, and 2016 Preview

Inspired by my friend Paul Jarvis and the habit-building machine James Clear, I decided to write my own 2015 review and 2016 preview aka State of the Union. Read more

Understand Why You Need Limitations and Constraints

It’s much easier to launch with less and add to a completed product, then it is to struggle to get a product to market that has a feature list a mile-long. Read more

Ignite Your Pilot Light of Weirdness and Develop a Kickass Personal Brand

Start putting more YOU into what you do and stop letting the fears and hesitations of other people dim your pilot light of weirdness (aka personal brand). Read more

Fire Your Bad Clients

What eating 10 pounds of beef jerky taught me about bad clients and how to avoid and get rid of them. Read more

See Behind The Scenes: How We Work and Travel

It’s taken us a few years of trial and error with work and travel, but we’ve figured out how to run our businesses efficiently no matter where we are. Read more

Avoid Website Shame

We all want higher conversions. We all want our website to generate more revenue. But many of us suffer from website shame. Read more

Everything You Need To Know About Creating And Promoting A Podcast

Your podcast should lead to something else. Whether that’s an email list, your website, your business, etc. Podcasting isn't difficult, but takes effort. Read more

Be Less Busy

If the work you are doing makes you feel busy, then the work you are doing doesn’t truly matter to you. Work worth doing isn’t busy work. Read more

Understand The Gap in Entrepreneurship that No One Wants to Publicize

One of the biggest problems with entrepreneurship is the over-glorification of successful entrepreneurs. Read more

Why I Left Jacksonville

I've called Jacksonville, Florida home since August of 2000. This is not a farewell, just a "see ya later." Read more

22 Weird Things You Didn’t Know About Me

22 weird things about Jason Zook. Things like: He has asthma, has had two knee surgeries, grew up wanting to be a zoologist, and is really good at Scrabble. Read more

My 25,000 Email Subscriber Mistake

People always ask me the question: “What’s your best marketing advice?” And I have a very simple answer these days: Build a quality email list. Read more

Why I Don’t Believe In Luck

Don’t sit around waiting for the luck train to show up. Luck is for leprechauns and cereals with marshmallows in them. Luck is the residue of design. Read more

Things I Use and Love

This is my A-Z list of things I use and love. It features apps, services, books, food, and more. Read more

The Power of the 3 Whys

Dive a little deeper and ask why 3 times to see if you should continue moving forward or if you need to start from scratch with whatever you're doing. Read more

Identify Your Significance

From the time we were tiny humans, we have craved significance. It’s an innate trait of human beings. We yearn for the feeling of acceptance and importance. Read more

Know The Story Behind My Final Name: Jason Zook

I've been Jason Sadler, Jason Headsetsdotcom, Jason Surfrapp and have even had a few other last names. But here on out, I'm Jason Zook. Read more

Think Reinvention — Not Resolutions

Resolutions are short-term fixes. Unfortunately, they go uncompleted year after year. This cycle of incompletion dilutes the power of making resolutions. Read more

I Failed P90X and Here’s What You Can Learn From My Experience

Whether you're just getting started or have a huge plan of attack, the best thing to do is start, even if that means trying P90X and seeing what happens. Read more

An Unexpected Lesson About Business and Life From LeBron James

No matter what mistake or decision you’ve made in your past, it’s what you do in the future that defines who you are and what people remember you for. Read more

See Behind The Scenes of How We Built Teachery

A behind the scenes look at how I started a software company that helps people build online courses. It's called Teachery. Read more

Learn From Weird Al Yankovic and the Anti-Marketing Mindset

Stop putting yourself in success handcuffs. Stop thinking you'll get more customers by doing the same thing over and over again. Do marketing the right way. Read more

The Opportunity Cost of Not Showing Up

You have the potential to lose so much more if you never take a chance. Opportunity cost is an interesting thing when you change your perspective. Read more

You Have an Idea For a Business or Project, Now What?

It's great to have an idea for a business or project, but the next steps can be daunting. The trick is to be prepared when an idea hits and take action. Read more

What’s Your Superpower?

We aren't talking about web-slinging and leaping tall buildings. We're talking about your real superpower and how that can impact other people's lives. Read more

Reevaluate The Way You Think About Retirement

If looking forward to retirement is a thing for you, I highly suggest realigning your life priorities. Read more

Give Yourself Permission

If you're thinking about starting a new business, project, writing a book, etc, you don't need to ask anyone for permission to do it. Read more

How To Get an MBA in Entrepreneurship

Read more

Fear Doesn’t Have to Paralyze You

The crazy thing about fear is that we aren’t born with it. Fear is something we learn over time. Read more

Which Social Media Platform is the Best?

Which social media platform should you use for your business? How about none. Instead, build an email marketing strategy that can't be taken from you. Read more

Define Your Four Freedoms

Thinking more about what truly made me happy, I stopped focusing on what other people told me I needed to feel successful and defined my freedoms. Read more

A Behind the Scenes Look at Writing the First Draft of “Creativity For Sale” in Two Weeks

Read more

How To Have A Successful Kickstarter Campaign

How Mizzen+Main raised over $25,000 on Kickstarter in the first few hours and how you can too. Read more

Don’t Make These Email Marketing Mistakes

It's safe to say we see email marketing mistakes made like these all the time. Email is sacred. It's not a tweet that disappears in a matter of seconds. Read more

You Won’t Hit a Home Run Every Time And That’s Okay

In the baseball game of life, we take many swings, and most of them don't end up being home runs. You aren't going to hit a home run every time. Read more

Interview with James White – Creativity Unleashed

I've been to my fair share of conferences and seen my fair share of public speakers, but I had never experienced anything like watching James White. Read more

How To Deal With Haters and Negativity

If you're putting your work out into the world, you're going to run into haters and negativity. Don't fight fire with fire, use these tips to cope. Read more

Remove Negativity From Your Life

I hope you'll work to remove some of the negativity from your life. It's been beneficial for me. It's not an overnight change, but hard work pays off. Read more

Embrace The Climb

The finish line will be there waiting for you, embrace the climb it takes to get you there. Read more

Hello 2014, From Jason SurfrApp!

In 2014 my last name was purchased by the surfing app Surfr. I legally changed my name to Jason SurfrApp. Read more

Interview with Joshua Fields Millburn

Joshua Fields Millburn has made a huge impact in my life. He was nice enough to answer a bunch of questions about minimalism and his outlook on life. Read more

10 Reasons Why You Need To Read Alexis Ohanian’s Book “Without Their Permission”

Why you need to grab a copy of Alexis Ohanian's book Without Their Permission. Read more

Why Not Today?

Why can't today be the day you do something remarkable? Why can't today be the day you turn your life around? Read more

Why Didn’t It Work?

If you tried to do something in business and it didn't work, do you know why? Did you actually put in the effort needed to say it "didn't work." Read more

Selling Out or Buying In?

Read more

Understand Why Posting YouTube Videos On Facebook Sucks

Google has no interest in showing YouTube videos on Facebook and Facebook has no interest in promoting YouTube videos in news feeds. Read more

8 Steps To Launching A Product or Business

The exact 8 steps I've used over and over again to launch a new product, project, or business. Read more

Figure Out If Your Friends Are Really Your Friends

I just want to challenge you to take a look at the people you surround yourself with and reevaluate your friends. Read more

Navigate The Pressures of Society

We don't need to succumb to the pressures of society, especially when it relates to the definition of success. Read more

3 Huge Opportunities I’ve Said “No” To And Am Glad I Did

Don't be afraid to say no to opportunities with your business (or life), it may just be the best thing you ever do. Read more

A Look at my First Day with the Name Jason HeadsetsDotCom

Read more

Dear Aspiring Entrepreneur

A bunch of free lessons for aspiring entrepreneurs. Things I figured out through years of trial and error, but that you can learn in just a few minutes. Read more

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