My name is Jason Zook and I’m an action taker.

It's about to get a little weird...

I'm best known for getting paid to wear t-shirts on

Yep. From 2009 - 2013 I wore a different t-shirt every day and made over $1,000,000 doing it. I wore t-shirts for over 1,600 companies, ranging from Fortune 500s to small mom and pop businesses. You can read more and listen to me talk about IWearYourShirt.

I sold my last name (twice) and wrote the first-ever fully sponsored book.

In 2012 I turned a crappy family situation (divorce) into a money-making venture. But there's way more to the story than that: learn more about BuyMyLastName. In 2014 I created SponsorMyBook and was able to self-publish my book Creativity For Sale with the help over 204 companies and hundreds of supporters.

Most recently I sold my future.

I told you it was going to get a bit weird. Since 2013 I've enjoyed building digital products (online courses, books, web applications, etc). What I didn't enjoy was the constant selling process. So, I put my future up for sale at

I make things and share all my lessons learned and processes.

I enjoy helping entrepreneurs, business owners, and creative human beings take more action in their lives and businesses. Hopefully that's you!

If that's not you, now's a good time to go binge watch something on Netflix. My recommendations are House of Cards, Jessica Jones, and every available Jackie Chan movie.

What's most important to me?

After my family, my amazing girlfriend Caroline, and our awesome dog?

Writing a weekly newsletter for the Action Army. Each week I talk about what it takes to get more things done by taking action. I believe that consistency and authenticity are more important than anything else in business. I tend to write about living intentionally, minimalism, and enjoying your work (and I love parentheses!).

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"You inspire me to keep being creative. I see you as someone who lives their life outside-the-box unabashedly. Thanks for the regular reminder in your newsletters of how important it is to write your own story."
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If you've read this far…

Then you're probably interested in some completely weird facts about me!

I've had six last names. Recent ones include Sadler, SurfrApp, and Headsetsdotcom.

I've owned a bunch of fancy cars until I realized I was only buying fancy cars because I didn't know what my values were.

My guilty pleasures are movie theater popcorn, skittles, and lemon poppy seed muffins.

Back in the '90s I was building websites on Geocities and dreaming of becoming a Zoologist.

I'm really bad at doing paperwork. I hate it.

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