It’s me, Jason Zook

Here’s a really pensive photo
of me looking off in the distance.

Did I spot a coyote in the desert? Am I looking for a
porta-potty? Could I be contemplating the meaning of
life? Nah, I was probably just posing for Instagram.

Only one way to find out. Keep scrolling!
You found a hidden gem #2: Look at how fancy you are! There are 11 total hidden gems. Can you find them all and email me with a list of them?

Are you ready for social proof and stories that make me look good?

For the rest of this page I’m going to attempt to build your trust. You’re going to read the highlights of all my business ventures. There won’t be any mention of my failures or shortcomings because that wouldn’t convince you to keep reading!

Let’s start with some testimonials, because, testimonials…

“Jason is really good at walking while someone films him. Also, yes, he can chew gum at the same time.”

Steven Speilberg (just kidding)

“He graduated college in just one year with a degree in ‘cooking’ hot pockets.”

BuzzFeed ( a website)

“At the age of 12 Jason discovered a hidden planet. It’s still a secret to this day.”

Elon Musk
You found hidden gem #10: Whoa, maybe you've only found a few of these? Can you find all 11 and email me the list of them? Have fun!
(not really)

Okay, so those testimonials were made up, but this next stuff isn’t.

Brace yourself, it’s gonna get weird.

From 2008 – 2013 I made over $1,000,000 by wearing t-shirts.

Those fake testimonials seem more realistic, don’t they? Well, believe it. For five years I convinced over 1,600 companies to pay me to put on a t-shirt everyday and promote them via social media. The project was called IWearYourShirt and it’s how I cut my entrepreneurial teeth (which is SUCH a weird phrase!)

From 2008
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Ready for things to get crazier?

I sold my last name twice. Yep, I was every TSA Agent’s dream.

Don’t worry, the white glove treatment wasn’t as bad as you think, and neither was the hassle of living with four different last names in the span of four years. In 2012 I auctioned off my last name for the first time and it sold for $45,500 to Then, I did it again in 2013, and my last name brought in $50,000 from the guys at I also donated 10% of my last name proceeds, but you’re not here for the charitable stuff: There’s more!

I sold my name
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Yep, there’s even more to my story...

Only ever written tweets? Why not write a book… in two weeks?!

After my IWearYourShirt business took a dump (read: went under due to being overworked, trying too hard to scale, and not knowing how to run a business), I decided to write a book! Hey, why not? But in true Jason Zook fashion, I did things quite a bit differently. I nabbed 204 sponsors and generated $75,000 in revenue for a book by a first-time, self-published, has-no-business-writing-a-book, author (me!) Creativity For Sale was born.

Creativity for sale
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we’re done, right? Wait... we’re not??

T-Shirts, last names, books? What’s next, my future??? Oh wait, yeah, that was next.

If you haven’t figured it out by now, I make a living by selling the weird/crazy/impossible. Selling my future seemed like a next logical step. BuyMyFuture is like buying a Costco Membership, but to me (and without the 5-gallon tubs of mayo!) It’s a one-time fee for unlimited access to everything I’ve created and everything I ever will create.

No, not my kids, you weirdo. Business stuff. Sheesh.

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holy crap is there more?!

Well, kinda. Listen, your website doesn’t have “does stuff” in it if you don’t create ALL the things.

I’ve done big, crazy projects, but I’ve also dabbled in building online courses, software platforms, podcasts, and a daily emoji story project (that failed, sad emoji).

If you’ve read this far, I can only imagine that you want me to keep going. I mean, if you didn’t read this far, then who the heck am I currently writing this text for?

Click the extremely special button below if you want to be whisked away to learn more about my other (and current) projects.

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Dang this green section is bright! Here are a few more things I wanted to share...

My wife is super talented and you can check out the “stuff” she does at

I have a fur child and his name is Plaxico. He used to be famous.

My family is rad and supports all my crazy ideas (love you guys!)

Let’s see, what else? I looooove lemon poppy seed muffins. They’re dangerous. While you’re asking me about food, I also really enjoy Skittles, Cheez-Its, and movie theater popcorn (but who doesn’t, #amiright?)

The photo in the background of this section was taken by my Internet Boyfriend Paul Jarvis. Yeah, he gets mentioned on my about page and you don’t, DEAL WITH IT.