I’m Jason Zook, and I love making things.

One of my favorite things to make is a weekly article that I send every Monday to The Action Army.

Yes, I consider writing a helpful article making something. Especially since my articles have been featured on Inc Magazine, Business Insider, Entrepreneur.com, and lots of other important and fancy websites.

I also love transparency. When I make something, I tend to do it differently than most people and then share all of my experiences along the way. The good. The bad. The financial details. And all the in-between bits.

I also enjoy cheez-its and skittles, but not at the same time.

I'm Jason Zook.

I believe that perfection is a virus, and that completion is the key to success. I'm the founder of IWearYourShirt, BuyMyFuture, and many other projects. Formerly Jason Sadler, Jason HeadsetsDotCom and Jason SurfrApp.

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