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Hello 2014, From Jason SurfrApp!

Jason SurfrApp

Another year and another new name! I’d like to officially welcome everyone to 2014 as Jason SurfrApp. Last weekend I took a trip to West Palm Beach to visit Nick Mohnacky and Chris Callahan, the founders of Surfr. We had an awesome brainstorming session about all the fun we’re going to have together in 2014 and I can’t wait to bring you guys along with me.

For now, here’s a little intro video:

I’ve gone through and changed my name on Twitter, Facebook (waiting for approval), Instagram, YouTube, this blog, and have a growing list of all the offline places I need to change my name (if I missed anything, let me know!).

Hopefully I’ll have a court date in late January to get my name changed legally. Unfortunately that’s not as simple as clicking “edit profile” online. Hah.

Here are some places you can get acquainted with the company that owns my last name for 2014:

Download the Surfr App on iTunes (free!)
Learn more about Surfr on their website
Like Surfr on Facebook
Follow @surfrapp on Twitter
Follow @surfrapp on Instagram

I had an absolute blast in 2013 as Jason Headsetsdotcom and will never forget what it was like to have a company own my last name for the first time. I can’t wait for all the adventures I’m going to have in 2014 as Jason SurfrApp and especially can’t wait to have Nick and Chris teach me how to surf! I know they’re excited for that!

Nick Mohnacky, Jason SurfrApp, Chris Callahan

Cheers to a happy, healthy, and surf-filled 2014!

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